In essence Kava-World would like to thank Rachel Voiala, the owner of the Voiala Kava Bar Anamburu which was once known as ‘Fes Bucket Anamburu’ to allow this Kava-World night event.

Rachel owns the main Voiala Kava Bar headquarter at Bladinier area along with the Voiala Kava Bar at Erakor Halfroad and she rents the third branch which is where Kava-World host the event at Anamburu area from the Boe families.

Marc Gerard the PDT Director and Rachel Voiala the owner of Voiala Kava Bar during the Kava Night event

On Thursday 30th May, Kava-World held an entrance with the public at the Voiala Kava Bar. As busy as the bar already is we had some captivating feedback for the first time from the kava drinkers right after the short demo presentation. These feedback give recognition and acknowledgement for the overall usefulness of the tools and information presented in the https://kava-world.com/ platform.

In addition, we have had other engaging feedback from other interested kava bar owners during the event whom wish to invite the team to their kava bars and enlighten them more with the Kava-World platform and the Blind Kava Test.

Rachel made sure the team had two best varieties of Borogo kava; one being from Santo at Mavunlep village and the other from Central Maewo at Nasawa village. Voiala Kava Bar wish to impart to the kava-lovers, it is guaranteed that these are the two top islands as well as Malekula Island that the Voiala kava juices are produced from.

Blind Kava Test with the two varieties of kava ; one from Santo 4 – 5 years and the other from Maewo 5 – 6 years.

There was a good number of participants during the Blind Kava Test and the lucky winner was George, who is one of the students from the ‘Association Bilingual National Blo Vanuatu’. George who is also intrigued with the overall Kava-World platform is ecstatic along with his other AUF team to be part of the nights event.

To put it concisely, every Thursday night the Kava-World host kava night events at different kava bars within different areas around the Port Vila town. Each event brings forth different experiences and an interesting session all together.

More stories on the insights of the Voiala Kava Bar to be posted soon, Stay with us and Stay Bless Kava Lovers !

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