After cyclone Pam, like most Vanuatu kava bars; Stella View with the new management team picked itself up, wipe the slate clean and bloomed into one of the most recently inspiring kava bars in Vila.

Felixino Bule the new manager has been running the bar for over two years with the reinforcement of his dear wife, they muddle through it all building a little shop that also sells alcohol beverages and a kava bar that only serves the best of Beleru’s kava juices.

He is also an individual farmer from South Santo that owns a four years plus kava plantation and ships to Vila every week to mainly serve here at Stella View.

A shot of Felixino Bule’s Kava 4 YO Kava Plantation at South Santo, Beleru
A shot of Felixino Bule’s Kava Plantation at South Santo, Beleru

Owing to the fact that Felixino is a passionate kava farmer and believes in the agricultural movement of empowerment to the indigenous Ni Vans; he succour and ships kava from other Beleru farmers and sells them as green kava roots for 1200 Vatu / per Kg in his kava bar on a daily basis, ” I don’t insist on selling my kava roots as it is already served in my kava bar, however I do prioritize in selling green kava roots from the other additional South Santo farmers… I want to feel and know that I can help them as much as God has blessed me with little I own it is my calling from the most high to do so.”

In essence thank you Felixino Bule for sharing your journey with Kava World, considering only 15 mins or so drive from the town away from the hustle and bustle Stella View is by far the only kava bar yet where you can relax and enjoy your shell with a view ontop of a tree and catch a sight of a ranch like Stella Mare country side.

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