Affected islands only to be selling kava to port vila due to tc harold!

The Government of Vanuatu is only allowing the islands who got affected by TC HAROLD to be selling kava to Port Vila.

Prime Minister, Bob Loughman has stopped all the other islands that were not affected by the cyclone not to send 
Kava to Port Vila. 
But the islands that were affected can send Kava to Port Vila/Efate to be sold.
And the Minister of Climate Change, Bruno Leingkone, Has assured all the people or farmers of Pentecost that they can
put their Kava inot any Cargo Ships to be dropped in Port Vila with free of charge. 


Kavman hemi allowem ol afek aelan nomo blong salem kava long maket naoia long Port Vila.
Prime Minista, Bob Loughman i stoppem ol aelan weh oli no been affected long TC Harold blong no sendem kava i kam, 
beh ol aelan nomo weh oli affected bambae oli save sendem kava i kam long Efate blong salem.
Mo Minista blong Climate Change, Bruno Leingkone, hemi assurum ol pipol blong Penticost blong bambae oli save putum ol kava blong olgeta fri, 
long any ship weh i ko dropem ol kakae long aelan ia.

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