Blind kava test at jays kava bar

Helo Olgeta manples and kava lovers 🧡💚🖤
On Thursday, Kava World will be hosting another Kava event at📍 Jays Kava Bar, Nambatu area! 🥥

Activities 🗒
📌 Until 7 PM: The team will be doing individual demos to
the customers and interested kava professionals
(nakamal owners, Kava Seller) 📲
📌 At 7 PM: We offer a free Kava tasting with a blind test.
1000 VT shells to win 🤩
📌Then we end the night’s event by presenting both awards from last Thursday ICT’s kava event winner Christophe Juergen Calangis along with our new next winner and finally a small toktok about Jay’s Nakamal showcasing Kava World’s ultimate platform:

#KamfinemAotWanemKavaBaiYumiPresentemLongBlindKavaTasting #NoMestemKavaEventBlongYumi #YumiEveriwaniWelkam #KavaiKikWeh🤲🏾🥥🥴🥴

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