blind kava test winners at jays kava bar

On Thursday 23rd May, Kava-World hosted another interesting Blind Kava tasting at Jays Kava Bar !

This time the public were given two different shells of Borogo kava from Pentecost; the first shell ranges at 6 years of age and the second borogo shell is at 3 years of age.

We had about 11 participants and the two winners Rachel and Mia luckily guessed their shells right. ” We could guess the 6 years shell right because right away it made our tongue numb after the first sip, haha !” added the two optimistic winners.


Image 1
The two Bind Kava test winners; Rachel from the left and Mia at the right

Another kava winning award was presented as promised to last Thursday ICT’s Blind Kava Test winner Christoper Juergen Calangis.


Image. 2
PDT Consulting Director Marc Gerard at the left and the ICT Blind Kava Test winner Jurgen Calangis on the right posing after the awards presentation.

Okay Kava-Lovers keep an eye out for our next Thursday Kava-World event !!

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