KaLé Nakamal with the Xmas feels 🎄!

KaLé Nakamal is not only offering kava but also giving you the festive environment where you can have a shell and sit back to enjoy the environment as it’s being decorated with all the Christmas lights around. They can also organize a small gathering for you and you team!


There is also live entertainment at times! 

Pool table is also available in the Kava Bar!

El Manaro staff training in covid -19 preparedness.

El Manaro staff training in covid -19 preparedness. Our nakamal is making every effort to implement safe practices and we certainly have enough room for effective social distancing. Come and join us for a shell any time from 3 pm til late.

Waterfall Kava Bar

Waterfall Kava Bar

My Taem! which means kava time.
New swing chairs @ Waterfall! See you soon for a shell or two

In the heart of Port Vila a Kava Bar opened its windows last year exactly 6 months ago . Boasting a modest 7 kava windows of many Vanuatu Noble kava varieties and a beer window, this is where everyone heads to watch the sunset on the Port Vila harbor over a shell of kava & local beers, 2pm to 10.30pm everyday. Take your friends, families and colleagues to a relaxing atmosphere where the last remnants of a forest coexist on the top of the waterfall that splashed onto the floor of Lini Highway traffic. It is a landmark not to be missed when you are in town.

Beautiful locally made kava shells from Tamanu tree on sale @ Waterfall Kava Bar just 600vt. Support local environmentally friendly products!

Kava World session for Titan FX at yumiwork

It was a delight to present Kava-world.com to Titan FX team, in Port Vila.

We discussed functionalities, objectives, and perspectives of this kava lovers platform. They shared our enthusiasm and passion!

Then we enjoyed yumiwork’s fantastic terrace, with a kava tasting, comparing kava juices from Santo and Malakula, with a great sun set.


TVL and Kava World Partnership Launching in companionship with MTCIT

Monday 29th July marks a digital transformation break through for Kava World in Vanuatu. Thanks to Telecom Vanuatu Limited the https://kava-world.com/ is now data free for all TVL mobile users.

Kava Industry is the key in Vanuatu, given an estimation of over 40% of households engage in some part of the kava value chain. This kava plant commodity is already the main income source in many islands and has a remarkable growth potential within the international trade.

The only reality to this set back is there is a huge lack of information, at all levels as a result it gives complications in opportunities and indeed slows down the market. Kava-world.com prior mission is to contribute to the development and the modernization to the overall kava industry.
Like MP Jimmy Nipo stated during the opening speech ” As Vanuatu looks forward to celebrating its 39th Independence, we must give gratitude to ourselves and move forward with pride and dignity as we have achieved another milestone with this kava digital platform, a gate way to the etrade kava industry”.

Kava World humbly thanks the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, Commerce and Ni-Vanuatu Business and all its delegates for being part of this Kava World and Telecom Vanuatu Limited Partnership launching .



Saturday 13th July was the celebration of France International Day 🇫🇷and in Vanuatu 🇻🇺 both countries celebrated 39 years of friendship and partnership.

The official celebration was held at the French Residence in Port Vila:

Nice French wine, great champagne , cheese, gorgeous pastries 🥮 and cakes 🧁 were served , but also of course, as we are in the South Pacific- Kava, which was enjoyed by most guests.

The kava sharing ceremony between the French Embassy Chargé d’affaire and Vanuatu Prime Minister The Honorable Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas, started the event and celebration in itself.

Kava World kindly sponsored the events and served 2 different kava, a Melomelo from Santo proudly supplied by Voiala Nakamal (fes bucket at Bladiniere-thanks Voiala Vatu , and the other kava – a borogu from Pentecost island by Firelight Nakamal (Pango Road). With no surprise at 10.00 pm, both Tanoas were left empty!

Ambassade de France au Vanuatu
Prime Ministers Office Port Vila Vanuatu


Celebrating Four Shells Kava Room & Shop, Auckland’s first ever dedicated kava shop

Officially opened on the 13th July, 2019;

It is Auckland’s first dedicated kava shop and room. As such, beyond being the best place to buy high quality kava from in Auckland, it is a community space for calm socializing and relaxation. In addition to selling great kava, Four Shells wants to sell and promote other Pasifika products, as well as host small cultural events and workshops.

At “Four Shells” we will encourage people to join us in creating a new social community which encourages open discussions, a stress-free study/work environment, and most of all, a second home that anyone can call their sanctuary. 

We will create and maintain a welcoming, inclusive, ambiance. Try to make all of our customers feel like four shells is a home away from home.  Because of the calming effects of kava and relaxing, friendly atmosphere“Four Shells” is a place where people from all walks of life can come together and enjoy themselves. It will be a place for people to connect with each other, or simply relax in peace.

Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aucklandkumetegroup/aucklands-first-kava-room-and-shop?fbclid=IwAR3yU7yd4hUAxhOJwQroDm-pJ6-xQ9LRyCwLsJp3whDCLaVw_0gY2org8Ow

More Kava Related News:

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Kava World host a Kava Tasting with the Telecom Vanuatu Limited during the ITU, Warwick Le Lagoon

TVL Team striking a pose with Robert Wyllie the Kava World representative before the commencement of the Kava Tasting event.

On Tuesday 9th July Kava World served 20 L of kava to the Vanuatu PM and the ITUGSR delegates; 10L Borogo form Pentecost from Fire Light Nakamal and the other 10L is four years Melo Melo Santo from Voiala Kava Bar.

It was an utmost fulfillment to have had ITUGSR delegates from almost around the world, most of them for their first time to taste South Pacific’s Piper Methysticum root crop; the root plant of euphoria, body relaxation and at the same time giving a glimpse of Vanuatu’s culture connecting kava tribes as one back to their grass roots.

Marco Gérard PDT Consulting Director imposing a good laugh with the Vanuatu PM and the ITUGSR Delegates before offering a shell to everyone.

Kava World humbly thanks everyone especially the CEO of Telecom Vanuatu Limited and the rest of the TVL team be part of this fun engaging kava event.


#KavaWorld 🧡💚🖤


Benoit Hannequin the friendly owner of Buddha Nak serves the best yet most affordable Vanuatu Kava juices and Vanuatu Kava Powder at his Kava Spirit Import , rue Raphaël Ménard Rivière Salée Noumea. 🇳🇨🇻🇺

If there are two things that any genuine friendly kava bar owner would love to share is the Love and Endowment of their kava products. 🧡💚🖤

Alee its bout Kava O’clock! Stop for a shell or two at Buddha Nak ! 🙌🥥



Kava blind test: out of 15 participants, we had 9 winners.

Last night at Lenamy Kava Bar we have Sam whom also lives in the area won the Blind Kava Tasting award by guessing the two kava juices right; one six years fom Malekula and the other three years from Epi.

Irene from the Kava World Team presenting the winners award to Sam the winner of Lenamy Blind Kava Test event

It is quite obvious that most locals are very well aware of the different varieties of kava in Vanuatu, hence also differentiating where they are from and their given age groups. To add that, just like any international wine testing; different varieties of kava comes with their own unique scent from a sweet to a much more bitter peppery smell.

That same night we have had a participant that does not consume kava but insisted on smelling the kava shells instead; interestingly he also end up guessing the two shells right.

So Kava Lovers what are your thoughts?

Join us for our next Thursday’s kava night event and share us your experiences in this Blind Kava Testing !


Greetings Olgeta Kava Lovers! 🧡💚🖤

Thursday 13th June, Kava-World will be hosting a Kava event at the Lenamy Kava Bar, Bahai area.

A abit of the Lenamy Kava Bar insight; Lenamy is owned by Paul Telukluk one of Vanuatu’s all time favorite betanque player and is now managed by Patrick Basilio with given six windows serving the best of both Malekula, Ambrym and Ambae kava.

Lenamy manager, Patrick Basilio serving Kava from Malekula at wIndow 1

The Nakamal opens from 4 PM evey afternoon except for Sundays and has an open betanque court for customers and residence around the area to play a match or two whilst enjoying their kava.

Customers playing betanque matches and relaxing with their kava shells

The Kava World Team will be hosting this event before 7 PM and the Blind Kava Tasting will commence right at 7.

Lukim Yufala !

Ale wan shell nomo 😉😌


After cyclone Pam, like most Vanuatu kava bars; Stella View with the new management team picked itself up, wipe the slate clean and bloomed into one of the most recently inspiring kava bars in Vila.

Felixino Bule the new manager has been running the bar for over two years with the reinforcement of his dear wife, they muddle through it all building a little shop that also sells alcohol beverages and a kava bar that only serves the best of Beleru’s kava juices.

He is also an individual farmer from South Santo that owns a four years plus kava plantation and ships to Vila every week to mainly serve here at Stella View.

A shot of Felixino Bule’s Kava 4 YO Kava Plantation at South Santo, Beleru
A shot of Felixino Bule’s Kava Plantation at South Santo, Beleru

Owing to the fact that Felixino is a passionate kava farmer and believes in the agricultural movement of empowerment to the indigenous Ni Vans; he succour and ships kava from other Beleru farmers and sells them as green kava roots for 1200 Vatu / per Kg in his kava bar on a daily basis, ” I don’t insist on selling my kava roots as it is already served in my kava bar, however I do prioritize in selling green kava roots from the other additional South Santo farmers… I want to feel and know that I can help them as much as God has blessed me with little I own it is my calling from the most high to do so.”

In essence thank you Felixino Bule for sharing your journey with Kava World, considering only 15 mins or so drive from the town away from the hustle and bustle Stella View is by far the only kava bar yet where you can relax and enjoy your shell with a view ontop of a tree and catch a sight of a ranch like Stella Mare country side.

Kava bar standards under scrutiny

Port Vila Municipal Wardens have been urged to inspect the health and safety standards in more than 100 kava bars around Port Vila.

The wardens have received instructions to start inspecting all kava bars operating in Port Vila Monday next week to observe if the kava bar owners are abiding with the standards required by Business By-Law Levy Fee 20/2000.

A fundamental duty of the Port Vila Municipal Council as explained in section 25 (1) in the Municipalities Law is the town authority must ensure “to safeguard the public health” of the citizens of Port Vila.

As such the Port Vila Municipality passed a by-law to defend the healthiness of kava drinkers in Port Vila by ensuring that kava bar owners guarantee that the kava handlers in the kava bars are clean and healthy – always wash their hands with water and soap before handling kava.

The by-law further prevents the person who sells kava from smoking and spitting close to where kava is sold, the person who sells kava in the nakamal must wear an apron, a head cover and hand gloves.

There are many other details which the kava bar owners require to have in his kava bar before the Port Vila Municipality can issue a Kava Business Levy to the owner of the kava nakamal.

If the kava bar owners fail to satisfy the standards expected by the Municipal Wardens from the 10th of July to July 31st the Vanuatu Bureau of Standards could order the temporary closure of the kava bars.

Source: http://dailypost.vu/news/kava-bar-standards-under-scrutiny/article_7513994a-a145-5273-b8ab-170a9cbfc300.html?fbclid=IwAR3lXTsPhrAMnDDO82FM54E8aPbDF6eunmLU-DWeEAw6bBrw2KwlwaFP9PU


Hay Kava Lovers ! 🧡💚🖤

This Thursday’s Blind Kava Test Event will be taking place down at Alliance Francaise from 5 PM

In the meantime please come by and say “Hi” to the team as we will be doing short Kava-World demo presentations as of today onward; enlightening you with this exciting kava world platform as it is the first of it’s kind and a new initiative altogether in Vanuatu !

We have had a good number of engagement from the interested public during the Green Wave opening yesterday afternoon. Kava-worl.com is not just a fun social bridging-digital content between kava farmers, kava bars and kava consumers but as the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ralph Regenvanu shared during the opening speech it is one of the many initiatives that is prior economical resourcefulness, informative inventiveness and has great capability of the overall agricultural sustainability and development within this nation and around the world.



Over 80+ Kava Sellers now registered in the https://kava-world.com/producers
And often then represent a whole community of growers.

Focus on MasterKava from Ratu Dovi Rd, Laucala Beach Estate.

Shared on here is a compelling image of an 8 year old ‘waka/kava’ from Kadavu.

Enjoy and have a great weekend kava lovers ! ✨✨