On this 30th July 2019, We would like to wish Vanuatu a happy Independence Anniversary!

After the political independence gained in 1980, it is now time to try and achieve a bit more of economical independence , and stop depending on foreign aid …

Kava is achieving this in our islands already… and hopefully this is only the beginning 😁!

Kava has become the south Pacific green gold , and this is even more true for Vanuatu 🇻🇺:

A few facts and figures for all of us to realize the importance of kava , not only as a cultural and social plant, but also as of major economical importance:

✅ Kava exports revenues are the first in term of value, far more than copra, coffee, beef and cocoa.

✅If we include the local market, kava is the commercial activity generating and circulating more money than any other activity like tourism and alike. And unlike other activities, most of the money goes directly to the grassroots and the farmers!

✅Latest census said that more than 26,000 households were involved in kava farming . This is huge and constantly increasing. 
If you then add all the persons involved in the hundreds of kava bars, the transportation, the food stalls with the “mums” selling the finger food in those bars, then you will start to realize how important kava is for Vanuatu.

✅ Kava is empowering our farmers like no other crops before. Our youth stay in the islands rather than coming to the urban areas and be involved in crime, because they realize that by planting kava and staying home, they can make much more money than working in a chiness shop in town or pickings kiwi in New Zealand.

✅Because of kava, we have more shipping lines going to remote places, like Eastern Pentecost, which was ignored until the kava boom! 
Without kava, shipping will almost collapse here!

✅ With kava , our farmers pay speed boat and land cruiser with cash 💰 money… where else in the world can farmers do that ?

✅With kava, for example in Pentecost, Kava is paying for all the school fees, Kava is paying for solar panels, paying for water tank, there is light everywhere because of kava! Not because of a project, not because of the government

Never any foreign aid project had any such impact on our development ! This is the real crop of independence and of self reliance!

Let’s make sure we all work in the right direction to develop our markets and for kava to remain the Green gold for the generations to come !


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