Potential for kava market in New Caledonia

Anamburu Kava Market

The Director General of the Ministry of Trade Commerce and Tourism Mr Roy Mickey Joy revealed that the market of Vanuatu Kava in New Caledonia is huge and that the existing kava industry in Vanuatu is low.

In relation with the Trade Agreement between the Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and the President of the Government of the New Caledonia Mr Philipe Germain, the DG of TCT continues to emphasize on the fact that the international demand of Vanuatu Kava to New Caledonia is huge and strongly urged and encourage Vanuatu kava farmers to re consider planting more kava for the new market in the New Caledonia.

“There are 6,000 Ni- Vans living in New Caledonia and there are so many kava bars in Noumea and New Caledonia. all well organized, well run and that need Vanuatu Kava, which the Prime Minister’s delegation was very impressed with,” Mr. Joy and the President of the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI ) Shaun Gilchrist conveyed on Buzz FM 96 yesterday Monday 25th February.

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Mr. Roy was also awarded the Lini Day award on Thursday 21st February last week to commemorate late Father Walta Lini. He was being acknowledge for his achievement of pushing forward the potential International market of Vanuatu Kava.

‘On September 7th 2016 in the Embassy of the Republic of Vanuatu in Brussels, HE Ambassador Joy and his Team along with the representatives of the of the ACP‐EU TBT Programme Management Unit met to receive the findings and the presentation of the work of a Legal Expert who has recently been engaged and Commissioned by the TBT PMU on behalf of the Government of Vanuatu to conduct and carry out an in depth technical assessment and evaluation on the state of play of Kava in Vanuatu..,


Ms Maja Sandic presents her Kava Report to Ambassador Joy

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