Kava making in Samoa, early 1900

"Ava Ceremony"

The  Ľava ceremony is one of the most important customs of the Samoa Islands. It is a solemn ritual in which a ceremonial beverage is shared to mark important occasions in Samoan society. ūüėá

"Ava Ceremony protocol's"

The  Ľaumaga, ‘ava makers must follow etiquette and cultural protocol in the making and serving of the ‘ava. It is usually an honour to be selected for the ceremony. The  Ľaumaga, with prescribed roles in the ceremony, were a select guild in the past.

"Ava Ceremony"

The  Ľava ceremony within Samoan culture retains the same ritual pattern with slight variations depending on the parties involved and the occasion. It always includes speeches and oratory and the formal drinking of ‘ava, including women if they are part of the ceremony, with special attention paid to precedence in drinking order. One of the most important occasions for the ‘Ava ceremony is during the bestowal of matai chiefly titles.

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