Supply Disruption due to Tropical Storm

Date: Monday 18th February, 2019

With Tropical Cyclone still looming around and the sea still rough, ships are not running yet in Vanuatu.
To address the shortage and to supply the local Kava bars ( which consumed more than 60 tonnes of fresh Kava weekly), Matthias from Bonmil chartered a flight from Lonorore South Pentecost, and selling Borogu kava at 1300 Vatu per kilo.✈️
But more interesting is this morning at Anabru market the Kava grown on Efate:
Below is Samuel, from Tanna, a young farmer from Teouma proudly displaying his Nikawa Pia, one of the top noble Kava from Tanna Island. 
The Kava look slightly young , probably 2-3 years but Please note the amount of lateral roots and how carefully they have been harvested .❤️👍top job!
Pia now selling at Anabru! Go and suppor

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