Kava World host a Kava Tasting with the Telecom Vanuatu Limited during the ITU, Warwick Le Lagoon

TVL Team striking a pose with Robert Wyllie the Kava World representative before the commencement of the Kava Tasting event.

On Tuesday 9th July Kava World served 20 L of kava to the Vanuatu PM and the ITUGSR delegates; 10L Borogo form Pentecost from Fire Light Nakamal and the other 10L is four years Melo Melo Santo from Voiala Kava Bar.

It was an utmost fulfillment to have had ITUGSR delegates from almost around the world, most of them for their first time to taste South Pacific’s Piper Methysticum root crop; the root plant of euphoria, body relaxation and at the same time giving a glimpse of Vanuatu’s culture connecting kava tribes as one back to their grass roots.

Marco Gérard PDT Consulting Director imposing a good laugh with the Vanuatu PM and the ITUGSR Delegates before offering a shell to everyone.

Kava World humbly thanks everyone especially the CEO of Telecom Vanuatu Limited and the rest of the TVL team be part of this fun engaging kava event.


#KavaWorld 🧡💚🖤

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