Madeline Lai – Kava Trader from South Malekula

Derick Lai, Madeline’s father is an individual farmer and he ships kava every few weeks from Malvakal village, South Santo priorly for his daughter’s tuition fee.

Madeline currently lives with her extended family here in Vila whilst taking courses at VIT, her determination was to pursue her goals in tourism management.

” I thank my father everyday for financially supporting me with my tuition fees, I come here at Anamburu every few weeks and sell kava to raise funds for my studies…. when I am busy with my courses it is my uncle that helps sell them for me… Selling green kava has tremendously help me in all means financially especially when living in the town”…/derick-lai-madlene-lai-south-male…/

#KeepGrowingOurGreenGold 🌱💚🥥

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