Nakava – Boca Raton

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Nakava is a kava bar / kratom bar in Boca Raton. Nakava prides itself on being a family oriented kava bar serving both kava and kratom teas.

Our drinks are unique. Their effects are euphoric and stress relieving while some act as a social lubricant, making it great for a social setting or anytime you want to wind down and feel good. Some of our drinks can help relax you, wake you up and stimulate you, and some can even help you manage pain. Come by and have our bartenders explain.

Kava is a plant from the pacific islands, known for its medicinal benefits, strong buzz, euphoric, and stress relieving qualities. Kava is also used as a social lubricant. Kava came to the continental US just under 20 years ago, we are the first kava bar in the continental US.

Kratom is a plant from the pacific that is known for its pain relieving qualities, energizing, and euphoric properties.

\We serve traditional kava brews and flavorful kratom teas. We have a unique process of making our Kratom that results in the best-flavoring. Give us a try, you’ll be surprised.

We do not serve Alcohol.

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Contact Number: (561)395-9888