Nalu Kava Bar – Portland

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Nalu Kava Bar-Portland’s hidden Gem!

Kava bar, live music venue, roof top patio, rotating art show celebrations, and unique elixirs. Never tried Kava? Come by and we’ll give you the scoop on how amazing this natural drink is for stress, anxiety, and depression. Take a break from the hustle, relax into your “awesomeness”, twirl around and frolic(if thats your thing), or write some bomb-ass deep poetry. Hey, you could even stare at the wall and we won’t even judge you…we might join you in truth. Our mission is to share kava, which will undoubtedly induce some happiness in ya, and then SHAABAM- your neighbor might start liking you again…you might be OK sitting in that traffic jam…you might even get the best night sleep ever. Whatever it is, we got you.

Kava Quality

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Contact Number: (503)519-3415