Royal Kava Bar – Sandy

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Grandpa Kalio

Growing up as a child in the Island Kingdom of Tonga, I often would visit my grandfathers for the weekend. By early evening two or three of his brothers and friends would come over for kava. By now grandma Pauline would tuck me into bed near the curtains that divides the bedroom and the Livingroom. I can hear grandpa talking softly with his friends while pounding the dried kava with two stones into powder. The sounds of the two stones pounding on kava was like a soothing melody that slowly fades into a distant place. The peaceful of their whispers was like the sounds of soft ocean waves upon a sandy beach only to be awaken in the early morning hours to a rooster. Grandpa had already left to the family plantation. Best memories. Love you Grandpa Kaliopasi Livai.

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