New Kava By-Law targets control of kava bar construction

Kava operators or any citizen who wishes to operate a kava bar within the jurisdiction of Port Vila municipality, will have to apply to construct the kava bar.

This order is in accordance to a new By-Law of the Port Vila Municipality Council, which was made in reference to Section36 of the Municipality Act [CAP 126], purposely to provide control of construction of kava bars.

Owners and operators are to submit their application in a form approved by the council, including the prescribed application fee.

The plan and specifications of the kava bar are required to be submitted.

Once the application is approved and kava bar is constructed, the owner or operator must inform the council for inspection. If the owner fails to comply with the approved plan and specifications, the kava bar must not operate until the plan and specifications are complied with.

A certificate of compliance will be issued to the owner by the council once the council is satisfied with the kava bar.

All the kava bars must also meet the standards of cleanliness and hygienic conditions.

This include; Kava bars must have at least one pour-flash toilet or proper flush toilet to carry away wastes; premises must be clean and tidy at all times; kava bar premises shall be provided with a sink and running water connected to it; availability of stools, must have a proper constructed cooked food stalls, employees of kava bars must wear clean clothes and observe hygienic practices whilst serving their customers.

A Municipal warden, a police officer or any individual authorised by the council will enforce this law.

Failure to comply with the by-law is guilty of an offence and will pay a fine not exceeding Vt100, 000, and Vt1, 000 for each day the person continues to commit the offence or for a term of imprisonment not exceeding 2 years.

This law has been gazetted.

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