Nikaura Kava Farmer’s Association Established

The Nikaura Kava Farmer’s Association (NKFA) was established last month (April 9, 2021) purposely to unite kava farmers of Nikaura.

This is an outcome of an awareness on kava processing products conducted by the Departments of Trade and Agriculture. 

“The NKFA consists of eight members representing the eight tribes within the communities of Varsu Area Council on Epi island.

“Our immediate task is to know the population of each communities and to identify how many young people who have the energy to grow more kava.

“Energetic young farmers will be the ones leading the mass production of kava using available farming tools and data will be collected on the quantity planted from January to May 2021.

“Community labour will be used to grow kava and an available fund of NKFA is placed for any kava farmer to borrow and refund later,” Kava farmer and secretary of NKFA, Lui Kora stated.

Kora said currently kava farmers are encouraged to go into value adding of kava products.

“To enable farmers to enter into producing kava as a business, farmers must increase production of Vanuatu noble kava varieties,” he said.

“The production and quantity of kava plants produced at the farm will indicate to the government that Nikaura kava farmers are ready to venture into developing the kava industry on Epi island.”

The kava farmer added, “Kava, a well- known commodity is a long- term investment and a source of income for many farmers on Epi over the past years until today.

“Epi kava farmers have grown different noble varieties apart from growing Epi noble kava of kelai.

“Most farmers are selling green kava around Epi island and even accessing market opportunities in Port Vila and Luganville, Santo.”

About the author: Aaron Taravaki
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