American Kava Association

The AKA is comprised of Kava growers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers who advocate for the safe and responsible distribution of kava in the United States.

The 3,000 year old traditional Polynesian medicinal root, Kava, has experienced a tremendous resurgence in the United States in recent years. With this resurgence, the need for a Kava-centric regulating body has arisen to oversee the responsible and sustainable cultivation, manufacture, and distribution of Kava to ultimately ensure its long-term availability in the US market, free from the threat of legislation which would devastate the Kava Market both domestically and abroad.

We are particularly concerned with the manner in which Kava is being imported, processed and marketed. Many smaller vendors are not FDA compliant and market kava with non-compliant health claims. These existing establishments and all future establishments are encouraged to adhere to a minimum set of standards, such that Kava is presented in a positive light thereby preserving its regulatory-free distribution status. An industry that polices itself is far less likely to suffer regulatory consequences over one that is like the wild west when it comes to standards.


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