PHAMA’s strategy in Vanuatu is to focus on improving market access for the main existing export industries kava, cocoa and beef, and to promote value-adding opportunities relating to the expanding tourism market (e.g. handicrafts). The development of IWGs is key to this approach. Current focus areas include:

  • Kava – Kava generates at least AUD $10 million in export earnings, and provides income for over 30,000 people. Due to its anti-anxiety properties, it is considered to have significant export growth potential as a beverage and ingredient in nutraceuticals. However, concerns over quality issues have resulted in some major market access issues. To take advantage of export opportunities, PHAMA is providing support through the Kava IWG to develop a national kava standard. This will help to improve quality and distinguish between different varieties.
  • Beef – Vanuatu is renowned for its high quality beef, which is mainly produced by smallholders and commercial farmers on the islands of Santo and Efate. Through the Livestock IWG, PHAMA is providing assistance to the Government to progress new market access submissions for beef exports (Korea, Hong Kong), as well as improve the capacity of the beef industry to meet existing market standards. Exports are currently around AUD $4 million per year.
  • Cocoa – To access more lucrative markets and grow the current AUD $3 million of exports, PHAMA is helping industry and government to improve cocoa bean quality through the Cocoa IWG.
  • Other products – PHAMA is also assisting the Government and private sector to explore new market access opportunities, such as cut flowers and honey and to develop capacity in the private sector to meet international food safety accreditation requirements (HACCP).


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