Kava blind test: out of 15 participants, we had 9 winners.

Last night at Lenamy Kava Bar we have Sam whom also lives in the area won the Blind Kava Tasting award by guessing the two kava juices right; one six years fom Malekula and the other three years from Epi.

Irene from the Kava World Team presenting the winners award to Sam the winner of Lenamy Blind Kava Test event

It is quite obvious that most locals are very well aware of the different varieties of kava in Vanuatu, hence also differentiating where they are from and their given age groups. To add that, just like any international wine testing; different varieties of kava comes with their own unique scent from a sweet to a much more bitter peppery smell.

That same night we have had a participant that does not consume kava but insisted on smelling the kava shells instead; interestingly he also end up guessing the two shells right.

So Kava Lovers what are your thoughts?

Join us for our next Thursday’s kava night event and share us your experiences in this Blind Kava Testing !

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