The insights of Kava house vanuatu

Frank King is the current Director of the Kava House Ltd Vanuatu, he acquired his dad’s business 14 years ago. Frank is buying knoble dry kava from the islands especially Pentecost and Ambrym to export to international markets such as Noumea and USA.

Sun drying knoble kava

Furthermore, the Kava House hopes to promote Vanuatu knoble kava varieties by setting high standards of product finishing, quality control and powder kava service delivery to local and international customers. The five core values that make Kava House Vanuatu of top priority to the establishment and its operations is that it aims to ensure the Kava produce used is grown in organic conditions by indigenous farmers utilizing traditional cultivation and harvesting methods.

Manufacturing of Kava House powder kava

The Kava House also provides a kava tour of their kava industry and educates mainly tourists about Vanuatu kava.

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