The Kava road… from the islands to Port-Vila. BY THE KAVA HOUSE!

Our return trip from #PentecostIsland was made possible by #TevanuStar Silentworld Shipping & Logistics Vanuatu Limited . We are forever indebted to these local sea vessels and their management in #VanuatuWaters who eandeavour to #ConnectLives in outer islands to the main town centers. The crew here were effecient and prompt in delivering cargo and passengers and picking up at each passage with their awesome #CustomerCareService. One cannot ask for luxury in these circumstances however it is with pride that these men serve their customers -definitely proud #NiVanuatuCrew taking ownership of their peoples well being by offering the best service possible. #TheKavahouse team throroughly enjoyed the trip and amazing to see how much #VanuatuKava move across the waters. Tank yu tumas Captains , Super Cargo mo Ol Boe . Respect! ❤️👊🏽🍃🌴

#GreenGold #KeepingLocalJobs #VanuatuHospitality #ConnectingVanuatuIslands


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