TVL and Kava World Partnership Launching in companionship with MTCIT

Monday 29th July marks a digital transformation break through for Kava World in Vanuatu. Thanks to Telecom Vanuatu Limited the is now data free for all TVL mobile users.

Kava Industry is the key in Vanuatu, given an estimation of over 40% of households engage in some part of the kava value chain. This kava plant commodity is already the main income source in many islands and has a remarkable growth potential within the international trade.

The only reality to this set back is there is a huge lack of information, at all levels as a result it gives complications in opportunities and indeed slows down the market. prior mission is to contribute to the development and the modernization to the overall kava industry.
Like MP Jimmy Nipo stated during the opening speech ” As Vanuatu looks forward to celebrating its 39th Independence, we must give gratitude to ourselves and move forward with pride and dignity as we have achieved another milestone with this kava digital platform, a gate way to the etrade kava industry”.

Kava World humbly thanks the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, Commerce and Ni-Vanuatu Business and all its delegates for being part of this Kava World and Telecom Vanuatu Limited Partnership launching .


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