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Chinese national selling green kava

By Godwin Ligo Feb 29, 2020

A Ni-Vanuatu local kava businessman has voiced grave concerns over a Chinese national allegedly selling green kava in Port Vila.

The local businessman questions whether the Chinese national does have a licence to sell green kava product, in and around Port Vila town.

Mr. Theodore David from Aneityum who operates green kava outlet at Anabouru, in Port Vila, alleged that the Chinese national, is driving around in a vehicle, and selling green kava products, to owners of kava bars in Port Vila and as well as, to any interested kava buyers.

“The Chinese national is driving around in his vehicle with large quantity of green kava and sells to local kava bar operators at Vt1,000 per kilo. I have personally questioned him, if he does have a business license to sell kava, but he refused answer me,” Mr. Theodore David, stated. Mr. David said he is suspicious of the way the Chinese national goes around selling green kava products in and around Port Vila, as to whether or not he has a local business license to sell Vanuatu green kava products.

“I doubt very much that the Chinese national has a license in the way he goes around selling green kava products, which I take it come from outer islands of Vanuatu,” Mr. David alleged.

He said he would question the local authority as to why grant a Chinese national a license to purchase and sell green kava product when this should be reserved for Ni-Vanuatu citizens only.

“On Tuesday Thursday afternoon (last week) at around 4.00 pm, the same Chinese was seen driving around and soliciting to sell green kava roots to kava bar owners and individuals around the Anabouru areas, “Mr. Theodore David, alleged.

Commenting on the issue, the Manager of the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (VIPA) Mr. Raymond Vuti, referred the Daily Post to Vanuatu Kava Act No.7 of 2002, Part 2 Section 5 on ‘Who can sell kava product on the local market’ which states: “A person must not sell or offer kava product unless the person is (a) an indigenous ni-Vanuatu or (b) a local company within the meaning of the Companies Act (CAP 191) that has at least 51% of the shares (voting or otherwise) owned or controlled by persons who are indigenous ni-Vanuatu”.

Mr. Vuti said the concern of the ni-Vanuatu will be verified against the current Kava Act No. 7 of 2002, before further comments can be made.


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