Waterfall Kava Bar

My Taem! which means kava time.
New swing chairs @ Waterfall! See you soon for a shell or two

In the heart of Port Vila a Kava Bar opened its windows last year exactly 6 months ago . Boasting a modest 7 kava windows of many Vanuatu Noble kava varieties and a beer window, this is where everyone heads to watch the sunset on the Port Vila harbor over a shell of kava & local beers, 2pm to 10.30pm everyday. Take your friends, families and colleagues to a relaxing atmosphere where the last remnants of a forest coexist on the top of the waterfall that splashed onto the floor of Lini Highway traffic. It is a landmark not to be missed when you are in town.

Beautiful locally made kava shells from Tamanu tree on sale @ Waterfall Kava Bar just 600vt. Support local environmentally friendly products!

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