Which type of scale is used in your nearest kava market ?

China food mechanical scale is mostly used to weigh kava at Anamburu Kava market. These iron spring scales range from 10 Kg to 20 Kg depending on the sellers preference and how they manage their kava products according to the buyers market choice from whole green kava roots to kava chips.

Image 1.
20 Kg Food Mechanical scale is used here to weigh a buyers green kava
Image 2
Here is a 10 Kg scale that another farmer from Pentecost use to weigh his kava products at the Anamburu market.

Furthermore it is also known that different scales are used in different kava market enterprises. The real question is; given different types of scales used, does it make a huge difference to the current market quantity of each kava products?

According to most farmers and sellers response, it does make a huge impact to the sales when you use two different sets of scales to weigh the same given kava product.

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