PIERRE FARE IS A YOUNG FARMER from North West B area on malekula who decided to invest on kava production since 2015. We caught up with farmer Fare this week at the lakatoro Market House (LMH) where he was selling his kava.


“Today, I came with 30 kilos of kava and will be selling at 700VT per kilo. I will go home today with 21,000VT because it is an order from my client,” farmer Fare said.

Fare stated that kava, as one of the main source of income for many people on Malekula, was also partly affected by TC Harold including his 3 hectares of kava and so he planned to sell them weekly at LMH.


“Five years ago, I observed many farmers from my community growing kava which earned them huge amount of money so this has inspired me as a young person to start planting kava and here I am today, already benefiting from the kava I have grown. “Kava is the main income generating product in my village, not other products such as coconut and cocoa. I have noticed that a lot of farmer earn good income from kava .” said farmer Fare.

As a young energetic farmer, Fare, said he will continue to grow kava to ensure a high quantity for future income. “I would like to appeal to young people who have huge land to make good use of it. “If you invest on your land, you will reap a good harvest and will not depending on your parents to give you money but survive on your own and have a good future.” He concluded.



About the author: Aaron Taravaki
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